Camp Ages 9-11

$10 multi-session AND $10 multi-sibling discounts.

Hours of Camp for Ages 9-11 year olds are 9:00 am-3:45 pm.

Before care starts at 8:00 am.

After care is from 3:45-5:30 pm.

Campers must bring water, snack, and lunch.

United Faith Christian Academy British International School Antioch Elementary
Coding & Game Design
Intro to Programming 6/19-23 7/24-28
Minecraft 3D Supreme 6/26-30 7/31-8/4
Minecraft Modding I 7/10-14 7/31-8/4
Minecraft Modding II: Master Coder 7/17-21 8/7-11
Programming with Alice 6/26-30 8/7-11
RPG Game Maker 7/31-8/4
Food Science
Chefology 6/26-30
Baker’s Delight 7/17-21
Robotics & Engineering
3D Printing 6/19-23 7/24-28
Quadcopter Aerial Robotics 7/31-8/4  7/24-27
Robot Adventures I 6/19-23 and 7/10-14  7/24-27
Robot Adventures II 7/17-21
Robot Engineer 6/26-30 7/31-8/4
Robots, Gadgets & Gizmos 7/17-20
Rocket Scientist 8/7-11 7/17-20
Space Engineer 7/17-21 7/31-8/4 7/24-27
Emergency Vet Tech I 7/10-14
Emergency Vet Tech II  7/24-28
Forensic Scientist 6/19-23 7/24-28
Young Marine Biologist 7/31-8/4
Special Effects
Special Effects 7/10-7/14 8/7-11
** Age ranges below are intended as a guide. If your child is not within the age range for a camp you are interested in, please contact us to learn more. **

Coding and Game Design

Intro to Programming: (Ages 7-10)

Cost: $245/5-day camp.  Campers will be using a software program from MIT called Scratch. The program was designed for children, and teaches them the basics of programming as they create animated stories, video games, and interactive artwork. Using colorful programming blocks, campers drag and “snap” together the blocks to make a character (Sprite) walk, speak, play music, or interact with other sprites. Since computer programming is considered the new literacy, young people now have an opportunity to put together multimedia programs without any previous programming knowledge. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.

Minecraft 3D Supreme: (Ages 8-12)

Cost: $245/5-day camp.  This camp is for experienced campers who have been playing Minecraft. Minecraft™ has taken the world by storm with its block-building, digital game design that allows players to build, explore, create, collaborate, and even survive. With no set rules, you can build anything you can possibly imagine. During this 4-day adventure, campers will learn different modes of playing. They will use cool mods as they escape monsters, build amazing structures, create maps, mine the world under their feet, climb the tallest mountains, and utilize robotic “turtles” to manipulate the vast world around them. They will learn real coding techniques to program their turtles to accomplish tasks while working as a team with other campers to unleash their creativity! Campers take on the real-world jobs of programmer, game designer, artist, and architect. NO Minecraft account is needed for THIS CAMP as we have licenses ready for use. Just come and learn the basics, as well as advanced techniques and new strategies of this great game! However, to play at home, you will need a Minecraft account. To purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ ($26.95):

* NEW * Minecraft Modding I: (Ages 8-11)

Cost: $245/5-day camp. (NOT for Minecraft beginners, must be VERY experienced with Minecraft.) Did you know that Minecraft™ was built using Java™ code? In this camp, campers will build their own Minecraft servers in Java! If your camper aspires to be the greatest Minecraft warrior of all time, this camp is for them. While building a variety of ‘games within the game’ using a specially designed code editor that supports both drag-and-drop and text based programming in a single environment, campers will learn valuable real world programming skills. This camp is a brilliant way for kids to explore their creativity through real computing and have a blast sharing their mods with their friends in and out of camp! Even better, campers can continue to create new mods on their own and share them with friends after camp ends! All campers ARE REQUIRED to have a Minecraft™ account for this camp. Purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ ($26.95) at Campers must check in on the first day with their login credentials for Minecraft to ensure a streamlined learning experience.

* NEW * Minecraft Modding II: Master Coder: (Ages 8-11)

Cost: $245/5-day camp.  This camp continues the fun from Minecraft Modding. It is recommended, but not required for campers to attend Minecraft Modding prior to participating in this camp. Campers will build additional, more complex mods and create new ‘games within the game’. They will be challenged to continue to progress from drag-and-drop to text based programming, gradually stripping away the graphical support in phases to reveal and use the raw code underneath, using a trial-and-error approach. Campers can share their mods with their friends in and out of camp! Even better, campers can continue to create new mods on their own and share them with friends after camp ends! All campers ARE REQUIRED to have a Minecraft™ account for this camp. Purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ ($26.95) at Campers must check in on the first day with their login credentials for Minecraft to ensure a streamlined learning experience.

Programming with Alice: (Ages 10-14)

Cost: $245/5-day camp.  We use an educational software, named Alice, to teach users computer programming in a 3-D environment. Campers can easily create animations to tell a story, produce an interactive game, or make videos to share on the web. Alice introduces fundamental programming concepts in the context of making media. Alice was developed to engage young people in computer science and, especially, to demonstrate the relevance and applicability of computer science concepts to addressing real-world problems. The software and supporting materials grow out of a collaboration of faculty, staff, and students across seveVidral universities.

RPG Video Game Maker: (Ages 9-12)

Cost: $245/5-day camp.  Does your child love Pokemon? Then this camp is for them! Make your role-playing games come to life! Our RPG Video Game Maker camp shows campers how to create their very own epic role-playing game where they will battle fierce monsters prowling in a dungeon. Campers will learn what RPG is, the history of RPG, all the basics, the character, and all aspects of the game. Terrific Scientific uses RPG Maker VXAce which features:

  • A drag-drop interface
  • Library of characters
  • Tile-based environments
  • Enhanced map editor
  • Built-in character generator with custom sprites and faces
  • Custom items and weapons
  • Full inventory of weapons and armor

Once you have finished your project you can export your game to a portable EXE file that can be played on any Windows system. You can share it with your friends, your family, or even the Internet.

Food Science

* NEW * Baker’s Delight: (Ages 9-14)

Cost: $245/5-day camp plus $25 Lab Fee.  The best smell is bread, the best savor is salt, the best ingredients are fresh! What better way to celebrate summer than to bake wonderful goodies from scratch using fresh ingredients! From traditional dinner rolls to protein packed savory cottage cheese dill bread, whole wheat cinnamon rolls, and sweet potato biscuits, your child will learn the simplicity of making fresh bread. Add to that, savory quiche muffins, blueberry scones and red velvet cupcakes colored with beet juice – a baker’s dream for gifting and eating! Next we discover how to create basic white and yellow cake, along with healthy carrot cake and decadent fudge brownies and do a taste test vs. prepackaged products. We may even have a few more surprises up our sleeves! Your child will go home planning to be the next great baking chef!

Chefology: (Ages 9-14)

Cost: $245/5-day camp plus $45 Lab Fee.   Does your camper enjoy watching “Chopped” or “Iron Chef?” on T.V? Chefology is a perfect adventure for any child who loves to eat and wants to learn to cook! Activities and cooking experiments allow aspiring chefs to explore the science behind cooking and try different foods, while learning cooking basics. Chefs will prep ingredients, follow a recipe, bake, use a slow cooker, “churn” butter, discover changes in food properties, and more! This is a course for beginning Chefs, and will include a variety of DELICIOUS entrees, salads, vegetarian dishes breads and desserts created using REAL foods. Price includes a $45 lab fee.

Robotics & Engineering

3D Printing: (Ages 11-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp Plus $45 Lab Fee.  One of the hottest new trends, 3D printing is perfect for prototyping, CAD development skills, and is just plain fun! 3D printers work by following a computer’s digital instructions to “print” an object using materials such as plastic, ceramics and metal. The printing process involves building up an object one layer at a time until it’s complete. This is an interactive camp designed to teach campers how to optimize designs and create a three-dimensional object of almost any shape from a 3D model. Campers will learn about CAD (computer assisted design), modeling and prototyping, the history of 3D printing, and how businesses and entrepreneurs are using 3D printers for everyday applications. They will also print their own 3D design to take home!

QuadCopter Aerial Robotics: (Ages 11-14)

Cost:$250/5-day camp plus $50 Lab Fee  ::  $214/4-day camp plus $36 Lab Fee.   Campers will explore aerial robotics technology with fun and engaging educational scenarios and challenges. This camp offers aviation flight skills and interactive robotics training, and encourages camper interest in the career fields of Science, Math, and Engineering. Campers will build prototypes with the new technology and run test scenarios for safety, search, and rescue. Multiple teams of four will apply technology and planning to build a quad rotor designed for a specific first responder mission. Missions include: delivering pharmaceuticals to people in a disaster area, maneuvering the copter close to a (mock) hazardous waste container, and searching for a lost hiker. Campers will also operate and take home their own hand-size quadcopter at the end of the week!

* NEW * Robot Adventures I: (Ages 9-12)

Cost: $250/5-day camp plus $25 Lab Fee  ::  $214/4-day camp plus $20 Lab Fee.  Is your child ready to kick their LEGO WeDo engineering and programming knowledge up a notch? Do they want to create robots and teach them to do cool tricks? Are they just starting to gain an interest in engineering and robotics? If so, then this is the place to start! This camp is an introduction to robotics using the LEGO MindstormsTM system. Campers will be immersed in everything they need to know to create and program different robots to perform a variety of functions and respond to different challenges. Robots include a Bumper Bot, Claw Bot, Gear Bot, Maze Runner, Line Follower, and Security Alarm. Using trial-and-error testing, campers tackle building challenges, develop programming skills, hone their robotic, project planning and problem solving skills and learn about teamwork and communication. Campers will end the week with a Family Day showcase challenge. LEGO MINDSTORMS’ programming is command box programming, rather than code programming. Through the icon based programmable interface, campers will be introduced to the concepts of coding such as looping, decision making and flow control in a fun and interactive way. This camp is a good introduction for kids interested in robotics competitions such as FIRST LEGO League. Note: Terrific Scientific is not affiliated with the First Lego League. *Note – Due to expense of LEGO® components, robotic projects and materials cannot be taken home.

* NEW * Robot Adventures II: (Ages 9-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp plus $25 Lab Fee.  Ready to put your LEGO® MINDSTORMS® engineering and programming skills to the test? We’ve assembled a week of our favorite robotics challenges engineered to stretch campers’ skills, creativity, and teamwork abilities! Campers will participate in numerous building and programming challenges, from simple to complex and are encouraged to think creatively and to apply what they have learned to develop the skills essential to creating their own robot masterpieces. Challenges include: Tractor Pulls, Drag Races, SUMO Wrestling, Battle Bot Royale and more! This is an advanced robotics course and campers should have some experience working with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® components. Campers with no experience should attend Camp Robot Adventures I prior to attending Robot Adventures II. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day for our final Battle Bot Royale. *Note – Due to expense of LEGO® components, robotic projects and materials cannot be taken home.

Robot Engineer: (Ages 9-11)

Cost: $250/5-day camp plus $45 Lab Fee.  Campers will learn about the Science of Robotics with historical information, discoveries and advances in robot technology. Newton’s Laws will be emphasized all week and each camper will receive three robot kits to work on. Campers will be able to take home their robots! This year, Terrific Scientific will be featuring our NEW Hydraulic Arm Edge robot kit and our NEW T-4 Solar Robot. In addition to these projects, campers will learn how to solder with our LED robot soldering project. Learning the skills of wiring, gear building, and soldering will allow campers to go on to more sophisticated robot creations. The Hydraulic Arm Robot WOW! How does this equate to fun? Your children will have total command and visual manipulation using the science principles of a Hydraulic system and its application. Easy to follow instructions with detailed graphic illustrations pave the way for successful and satisfying kit building. Campers can boost their understanding of engineering, math, science, and technology learning (STEM). The T-4 Solar Robot Kit is an innovative solar powered science kit that can transform into 4 different robot modes. With renewable energy sources having such an important role in our world, there is no better time to start children on the path to learning basic concepts behind these technologies.

* NEW *Robots, Gadgets & Gizmos: (Ages 8-11)

Cost: $214/4-day camp plus $36 Lab Fee. Girls and Boys, do you love to build, create and discover how things work? Then come to this hands-on camp to build your own Maglev Train while learning about magnetic levitation technology and the world’s fastest train with zero pollution. Construct a Salt Water Fuel Vehicle and discover how this eco-friendly technology works and creates electricity. Acquire solar power knowledge and learn about mechanical transmissions as you build the T4 Transforming Solar Robot in 4 different modes: Android, Insecta, T-Rex & Vehicle.  Discover science & technology now and in the future! Take home all projects.

* NEW *Rocket Scientist: (Ages 11-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp, plus $25 lab fee  ::  $214/4-day camp, plus $20 lab fee.  Simply put, Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Campers put this law into action daily in camp Rocket Scientist! Using a combination of computer programs and hands-on projects, campers will delve into the physics of space travel through daily rocket builds and launches, including air, water and solid propellant rockets, from the simplest forms made from household materials to more complex Estes rockets. They’ll also experience space flight simulations with Kerbel Space Program, learn about electrical engineering and how it applies to innovation using littleBitsTM and develop their soldering skills while creating their own Space War Vaporizer. Your rocket scientist will have a BLAST putting their skills to the test!

Space Engineer: (Ages 7-9)

Cost: $250/5-day camp  ::  $214/4-day camp.  Using LEGO® bricks, campers will design and build structures and space vehicles for living on far away planets. Campers will utilize a variety of LEGO® bricks including motors, gears, lights, and sensors. Space Engineer includes instruction on the Earth, Moon, stars, and planets as well as the scientific topics of force, friction, simple machines, and gravity. Campers will join the crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to learn about propulsion, friction and more. Projects include: a rotating satellite, space buggy, a stunning spaceship, terrestrial homes that can withstand alien atmospheres and a host of other exciting projects. Campers will build and launch two Estes Rockets as they learn about the physics of Space Travel. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day to view their camper’s creations. This is a camp your child won’t want to miss!


Emergency Vet Tech I: (Ages 9-11)

Cost: $245/5-day camp.  Does your child LOVE animals? Does he or she dream of becoming a veterinarian? Sign them up! This camp will give campers the inside scoop on the exciting field of Veterinary Medicine. Hands-on projects and lessons will give campers the opportunity to learn what veterinary medicine is all about and some basic skills all veterinarians need. Campers will meet practitioners in the field and learn what they love most about their career and what it takes to succeed! They’ll also perform multiple fascinating dissections. Each camper will receive their very own veterinarian kit! Sample Topics include: Animal Health and Nutrition; First Aid, Clinical Procedures, Diseases and Parasites, Cancer research in animals; and Preparation for a Career in Veterinary Medicine.

Emergency Vet Tech II: (Ages 10-14)

Cost: $245/5-day camp, plus $25 Lab Fee.  Campers take veterinary medicine to the next level! Your future Veterinarians will learn how to give an injection “to an orange”, practice suturing on a suture glove, perform a mammal heart dissection, investigate animal dentistry, and delve further into animal emergency conditions and diseases. This camp also includes a rat dissection and neutering procedure on the rat. Prior participation in Emergency Vet Tech I is recommended, but not required.

* NEW * Forensic Scientist: (Ages 9-11)

$245/5-day camp.  Campers will solve crimes that would unravel any middle schooler: Kidnapped Cookies and Missing Mascots! They have only five days to solve both crimes or be left without treats for Family Day. Campers will participate in the cases from evidence collection to trial. They will process mock crime scenes using “real world” techniques and equipment, then analyze evidence with techniques used in the forensic laboratory. They’ll learn how Biology, Chemistry and Physics play a major role in the investigation! They’ll also meet real professional Crime Scene Investigators and K-9 Handlers. ** Please note: we do our best to schedule professionals for this camp, but we are often subject to their busy schedules. Sometimes there are cancellations. When that happens, we have alternate activities for the campers. Activities include collecting and documenting evidence, fingerprint developing and lifting, soil, powder, bite mark, fiber, and DNA analysis, chromatography, language analysis and more!

Young Marine Biologist: (Ages 6-9)

Cost: $245/5-day camp.  When you picture a marine biologist, what comes to mind? Do you think about studying manatees, octopus, turtles, plants, and algae, training dolphins and whales, or the habitats and conservation of marine life and the health of the ocean? Marine biologists work in many places: in or on the ocean, salt water marshes, the beach, on a submersible vessel, or in a laboratory examining tiny creatures under a microscope. Dive into our hands-on ocean adventure as we explore these many facets of marine biology! Learn about sea mammals and the cleverness of an octopus, race a squid, learn to eat like a whale, build your own submarine, make your own “fish print”, examine tiny life under the microscope, explore why penguins wear those little tuxedos, and discover the endless uses of seaweed! Learn about waves, tides, currents, oil spills, the glowing animals of the deep ocean, how to preserve habitats and how humans harness the power of the ocean.

Special Effects

Special Effects (Ages 9-11)

Cost: $245/5-day camp.  Campers learn the science behind Hollywood’s special effects and movie making. Learn various special effects make-up techniques working with the same materials used by professional make-up artists. These will simulate cuts, bruises, artificial blood, and old age. Activities will demonstrate concepts related to light, sound, perception, illusion, theatrical make-up and model building. One of the great features of this camp is that all campers will create (and take home!) a movie using techniques in Claymation and Stop-Motion Animation. Lessons include plot development, storyboarding, set building, filming, and sound effects. Is there a future movie director living in your house? This is a camp your child won’t want to miss! They will take home their very own special effects kit! Please have your moviemaker bring a 4G Flash Drive to camp to save their movie.

** Age ranges below are intended as a guide. If your child is not within the age range for a camp you are interested in, please contact us to learn more. **

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