Camp Ages 9-14

$10 multi-session AND $10 multi-sibling discounts.

Hours of Camp for Ages 9-14 year olds are 9:00 am-3:45 pm.

Before care starts at 8:00 am.

After care is from 3:45-5:30 pm.

Campers must bring water, snack, and lunch.

  Antioch Elementary School British International School
Coding & Game Design
ArcadeCAMP Scratch   7/13-17
Coding Crossover: Game Development 7/6-9  
Coding Crossover: Web Development 6/29-7/2  
Coding Python & JavaScript   7/13-17
Coding with Roblox 6/29-7/2 8/3-7
Intro to Programming: JavaScript 6/22-25  
Intro to Programming: Scratch 6/22-25 7/20-24
Minecraft 3D Supreme 6/29-7/2 7/20-24 & 8/3-7
Minecraft Modding 7/6-9 7/27-31
Tinkercode   7/20-24
Video Game Factory   7/27-31
Food Science
Kitchen Chemistry Chaos 6/22-25  
Robotics & Engineering
Aerial Robotics – Hovercrafts 7/6-9  
Aerial Robotics – Quadcopters 6/22-25  
BioEngineering 6/29-7/2  
Deep Space Explorer 6/22-25  
Imagine the Future   7/13-17
LEGO Robotics – Battle Bots   8/3-7
Mechatronics   7/13-17
Robots, Gadgets & Gizmos   7/27-31
Scibot   7/20-24
Space Engineer 6/29-7/2 7/13-17
Chemistry Concoctions   7/20-24
Crime Scene Investigator   7/13-17
Emergency Vet Tech 7/6-9  
Experience the Cosmos   7/20-24
Extreme Phenomena 6/22-25  
Forensic CSI   8/3-7
Secret Agent 7/6-9  
Ultimate Escape Room   7/27-31
Young Marine Biologist 6/29-7/2  
Young Surgeon 6/29-7/2  
STEAM / Art / Special Effects
All Things Magical & Mystical (Harry Potter)   8/3-7
Imagineering 7/6-9  
Manga Maker Comics   7/27-31
Special Effects   7/20-24
Star Wars Galactic   7/27-31
** Age ranges below are intended as a guide. If your child is not within the age range for a camp you are interested in, please contact us to learn more. **

Coding and Game Design

ArcadeCAMP Scratch (Ages 8-11)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. This is the camp to take for those that want their creativity to run wild using Scratch! Campers will be introduced to game development and programming, learn about programming as a career option and what goes into making a great game. They’ll create games based on classics such as Whac-a-Mole, Pong, Frogger, Snake or Tetris, and use what they learn to create their own computer games! Participation in Intro to Programming is recommended but not required to register for this camp.

* NEW *Coding Python and JavaScript (Ages 11-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. Using drag-and-drop and text-based programming in Python and JavaScript, campers will create games, animate stories, draw designs, construct mazes and puzzles, invent cool programs, and learn the fundamentals of building interactive websites.  Python is a general purpose, versatile programming language used by Google. Learning Python, students become one step closer to the real world of programming where they can build apps, chatbots, and games. JavaScript is the language of the web and is used across nearly every website.

* NEW *Coding Crossover: Game Development (Ages 10-14)

Cost: $215/4-day camp. Are you ready for the Coding Crossover? This camp challenges campers to put their JavaScript knowledge to the test in our computer science crash course in Game Development. Through EduCodeTM, a learning resource from EduCode Academy, our counselors will guide campers, as they spend a week as game developers, using JavaScript code to create an epic adventure game, a strategy game, a simple mobile game and a racing game using concepts and techniques learned in Intro to Programming-JavaScript such as variables, booleans, If statements, and more. EduCodeTM uses cinematic storylines, animated tutorials, and coding games to explain complex computer science concepts in practical ways that make sense to our campers. Intro to Programming – JavaScript or other similar experience required for the best experience in this camp.

* NEW *Coding Crossover: Web Development (Ages 10-14)

Cost: $215/4-day camp. Are you ready for the Coding Crossover? This camp challenges campers to a computer science crash course in multiple coding languages. Through EduCodeTM, a learning resource from EduCode Academy, our counselors will guide campers, as they code variables, booleans, If statements, and more, in the languages of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. EduCodeTM uses cinematic storylines, animated tutorials, and coding games, to explain complex computer science concepts in practical ways that make sense to our campers.

Coding with Roblox (Ages 9-12)

Cost: $250/5-day camp :: $215/4-day camp. Campers will learn more advanced coding and programming while using Roblox. They will be creating more advanced games in the Roblox Studio using Lua! Campers will be able to use both a drag and drop interface as well as write REAL code for their game, learning to use loops and the random math function to develop a full Roblox game!

* NEW *Intro to Programming: JavaScript (Ages 10-14)

Cost: $215/4-day camp. Campers will dive into the world of computer science, mastering coding fundamentals and the basics of JavaScript. Through EduCodeTM, a learning resource from our partner EduCode Academy, campers will write real “text based” code from day one with the support of our counselors. EduCodeTM uses cinematic storylines, animated tutorials, and coding games, to explain complex computer science concepts in practical ways that make sense to our campers.

Intro to Programming: Scratch: (Ages 7-10)

Cost: $250/5-day camp :: $215/4-day camp. Campers will be using a software program from MIT called Scratch. The program was designed for children, and teaches them the basics of programming as they create animated stories, video games, and interactive artwork. Using colorful programming blocks, campers drag and “snap” together the blocks to make a character (Sprite) walk, speak, play music, or interact with other sprites. Since computer programming is considered the new literacy, young people now have an opportunity to put together multimedia programs without any previous programming knowledge. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.

Minecraft 3D Supreme: (Ages 8-12)

Cost: $250/5-day camp :: $215/4-day camp. This camp is for experienced campers who have been playing Minecraft. Minecraft™ has taken the world by storm with its block-building, digital game design that allows players to build, explore, create, collaborate, and even survive. With no set rules, you can build anything you can possibly imagine. During this 4-day adventure, campers will learn different modes of playing. They will escape monsters, build amazing structures, create maps, mine the world under their feet, climb the tallest mountains, and manipulate the vast world around them. Campers take on the real-world jobs of game designer, artist, and architect. All campers ARE REQUIRED to have a Minecraft™ account for this camp. Purchase a Minecraft account (Minecraft Java Edition (PC & Mac) ($26.95) at Campers must check in on the first day with their login credentials for Minecraft to ensure a streamlined learning experience.

Minecraft Modding: (Ages 8-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp :: $215/4-day camp. (NOT for Minecraft beginners, must be experienced with Minecraft.) Did you know that Minecraft™ was built using Java™ code? In this camp, campers will build their own Minecraft servers in Java! If your camper aspires to be the greatest Minecraft warrior of all time, this camp is for them. While building a variety of ‘games within the game’ using a specially designed code editor that supports both drag-and-drop and text based programming in a single environment, campers will learn valuable real world programming skills. This camp is a brilliant way for kids to explore their creativity through real computing and have a blast sharing their mods with their friends in and out of camp! Even better, campers can continue to create new mods on their own and share them with friends after camp ends! All campers ARE REQUIRED to have a Minecraft™ account for this camp. Purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ ($26.95) at Campers must check in on the first day with their login credentials for Minecraft to ensure a streamlined learning experience.

* NEW *Tinkercode (Ages 9-11)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. This is the camp for girls and boys who are interested in developing or expanding coding skills. Campers will create games, animate stories, draw designs, construct mazes and puzzles, and invent cool programs. Utilizing both JavaScript and Python software, this camp will teach both drag-and-drop and text-based programming. Campers will also use Lego  Mindstorms EV3 to design, build and program real world applications like a Candybot automated candy dispenser and will join the Space Lab to repair the malfunctioning Hubble Space Telescope! Come learn about the exciting world of programming!

* NEW *Video Game Factory: (Ages 8-11)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. This is the camp to take for those that want their creativity to run wild and create a video game that others want to play. Terrific Scientific uses Fusion 2.5 from Clickteam to teach campers how to build two-dimensional video games. This software provides an easy-to-use game-authoring environment that allows campers to create many types of computer games, screen savers, and other applications. Campers will get started with a Space Shooter Game where they learn how to create moving backgrounds, add scores and lives, design instructions and titles, create waves of enemies, and transition screens. Later in the week, campers will learn how to create Maze and Platform Games. To learn more about the impact of video games, check out the following article: Video Game Article

Food Science

Kitchen Chemistry Chaos: (Ages 9-14)

Cost: $215/4-day camp plus $45 Lab Fee. Does your camper enjoy watching “Chopped” or “Iron Chef?” on T.V? Chefology is a perfect adventure for any child who loves to eat and wants to learn to cook! Activities and cooking experiments allow aspiring chefs to explore the science behind cooking and try different foods, while learning cooking basics. Chefs will prep ingredients, follow a recipe, bake, use a slow cooker, “churn” butter, discover changes in food properties, and more! This is a course for beginning Chefs, and will include a variety of DELICIOUS entrees, salads, vegetarian dishes breads and desserts created using REAL foods. Price includes a $45 lab fee.

Robotics & Engineering

Aerial Robotics: Hovercrafts (Ages 11-14)

Cost: $215/4-day camp plus $45 Lab Fee. The Airblock is not your ordinary quadcopter. Its modular design allows it to be configured as a Quadcopter, a Hovercraft and many other robots. Lightweight, engineered foam that is soft, strong and durable and magnetic, modular parts mean it is easy to assemble and disassemble without the need for tools. In this camp, campers use visual drag and drop code to develop logical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills, imagining cool stunts and learning to make them a reality. Compete in a variety of challenges, race against each other in different modes or even have an epic air battle! Projects and experiments in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic science, coding, and much more make this a camp they won’t want to miss!

Aerial Robotics – Quadcopters: (Ages 11-14)

Cost:$215/4-day camp, plus $45 Lab Fee. Campers will explore aerial robotics technology with fun and engaging educational scenarios and challenges. This camp offers aviation flight skills and interactive robotics training, and encourages camper interest in STEM career fields. Campers will deconstruct a quadcopter to learn what makes it work, complete a simple soldering project to enable them to repair a damaged quadcopter and fly test scenarios for safety, search, and rescue. Multiple teams of four will use the design process to create, build, test and modify quadcopter add-ons designed for specific first responder missions. Missions include: delivering pharmaceuticals to people in a disaster area, maneuvering the copter close to a (mock) hazardous waste container, and searching for a lost hiker. Campers will also operate and take home their own hand-size quadcopter at the end of the week!

BioEngineering: (Ages 10-14)

Cost: $215/4-day camp Explore how biology, medicine and engineering come together to solve real-world problems. Join us for a stimulating hands-on-learning experience and work collaboratively to solve a variety of medical cases. As a biomedical engineer you will prepare for outbreaks of highly contagious diseases. Plan your pandemic response by designing an antiviral to stop a newly discovered virus from infecting a model cell. Then as a biomechanical engineer you will learn how helmets work when you skate, bike, board or play ball. “Visit” a roller derby rink and a brain bank to see why wearing a helmet to protect your brain is so important, and then design your own helmet for a crash-test dummy. Continue your journey as a biomechanical engineer as you find out how to design prosthetic devices and engineer a model leg for an elephant, beak for an eagle and a prosthetic device for a fish.

* NEW *Deep Space Explorers (Ages 9-12)

Cost: $215/4-day camp. Camp Deep Space takes campers to the edge of the universe on a mission to make a distant planet habitable for humans. As aerospace engineers, campers will use LEGO®MINDSTORMS EV3 and TERRAFORMERS software to go on missions, program bots, tackle building challenges. They’ll also try their hands at materials engineering while designing and testing space gloves to protect against three space hazards: cold temperatures, impact, and dangerous dust. We are on our way to the final frontier! (TERRAFORMERS Curriculum is developed by Carnegie Mellon University’s Robot Academy).

* NEW *Imagine the Future (Ages 10-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. Would you like to design a vertical farm, prevent run-off pollution from entering our waterways, and discover how plastics can be made from plants? Then join us for a fun, hands-on-learning experience in agricultural, environmental and chemical engineering while solving a variety of real-world issues! This camp will explore problems like food scarcity related to population growth (agricultural engineering), how rivers, lakes, and oceans become polluted when rainwater can’t soak through pavement in cities (environmental engineering), and the millions of tons of non-biodegradable plastics that are in our landfills and ocean (chemical engineering) and design creative solutions. This camp uses the engineering design design process and guides campers through problem solving as they work through open-ended problems creatively!

LEGO Robotics – Battle Bots: (Ages 9-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp.Ready to put your LEGO® MINDSTORMS® engineering and programming skills to the test? We’ve assembled a week of our favorite robotics challenges engineered to stretch campers’ skills, creativity, and teamwork abilities! Campers will participate in numerous building and programming challenges, from simple to complex and are encouraged to think creatively and to apply what they have learned to develop the skills essential to creating their own robot masterpieces. Challenges include: Tractor Pulls, Drag Races, SUMO Wrestling, Battle Bot Royale and more! This is an advanced robotics course and campers should have some experience working with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® components. Campers with no experience should attend one of our other Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics camps prior to attending Battle Bots. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day for our final Battle Bot Royale. *Note – Due to expense of LEGO® components, robotic projects and materials cannot be taken home.

* NEW *Mechatronics (Ages 9-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. Using Lego Mindstorms EV3, design, create, build, tinker, test, and refine a variety of robots, machines and engineering projects. Campers build and program robots designed to perform endless challenges such as a Self-Driving Car, Sound Machine, Spirograph, Catapult, and other challenges. Learn the basics of design and engineering concepts while constructing mazes, soccer games, and other fun projects. Throughout the week, campers progress through a set of challenges and projects that fully integrate science, technology, engineering, and programming, while prompting creative problem solving, communication, and teamwork. They learn to program and code sequences, loops, events, conditionals, operators, data, all important concepts in computer science. So much creative, analytical, and mind-bending fun!

Robots, Gadgets & Gizmos: (Ages 9-12)

Cost: $250/5-day camp plus $45 Lab Fee. Girls and Boys, do you love to build, create and discover how things work? Then come to this hands-on camp to build your own Maglev Train while learning about magnetic levitation technology and the world’s fastest train with zero pollution. Construct a Salt Water Fuel Vehicle and discover how this eco-friendly technology works and creates electricity. Build the Dodeca 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Robot and engineer a robot that uses solar and hydraulic power in harmony, while challenging manual dexterity, and developing self-confidence. Discover science & technology now and in the future! Take home all projects.

* NEW *Scibot (Ages 11-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp, Plus $50 Lab Fee. Campers will work with the biomorphic robot Robosapien. Robosapien™ is a sophisticated fusion of technology and personality. Loaded with attitude and intelligence, Robosapien is the first robot based on the science of applied biomorphic robotics. With a full range of dynamic motion, interactive sensors and a unique personality, Robosapien is more than a mechanical companion — he’s a multi-functional, thinking, feeling robot with attitude! Campers will learn programming and hacking basics and even turn their Robosapien into a Ninja Bot! Campers will also build from scratch our Vibrobot soldering project and construct a bot using a toothbrush. Each camper will take home his or her own exciting Robosapien Humanoid.

Space Engineer: (Ages 7-9)

Cost: $250/5-day camp :: $215/4-day camp. Using LEGO® bricks, campers will design and build structures and space vehicles for living on far away planets. Campers will utilize a variety of LEGO® bricks including motors, gears, lights, and sensors. Space Engineer includes instruction on the Earth, Moon, stars, and planets as well as the scientific topics of force, friction, simple machines, and gravity. Projects include: a rotating satellite, space buggy, a stunning spaceship, a droid and a host of other exciting projects. Campers will build and launch two Estes Rockets as they learn about the physics of Space Travel. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day to view their camper’s creations. This is a camp your child won’t want to miss!


* NEW *Chemistry Concoctions (Ages 11-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. Campers spend the week conducting more than 25 fascinating and fun chemistry experiments. Emphasis is on safety, chemistry history, proper use of chemistry lab equipment, and an introductory understanding of chemical symbols and reactions. This camp is a great way to prepare for high school and even college chemistry. Experiments include: metal flame tests, paper chromatography races, fluorescent polymer slime production, litmus indicator solutions, electricity in a test tube, a boat that runs on soap, and many more!

* NEW *Crime Scene Investigator (Ages 9-11)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. Your crime scene investigator will solve crimes that would unravel any camper and only have five days to do it! Using several different cases, they will process mock crime scenes using “real world” techniques and equipment, and analyze evidence used in the forensic laboratory. Topics include: DNA, prints, blood typing, microscopy, chromatography, handwriting analysis and more. Campers will use composite facial reconstruction software, test out crime scene search patterns, discover Frances Glessner Lee, known as “mother of forensic science,” and study their own miniature crime scene dollhouse as they learn to observe, classify, analyze, predict and draw conclusions based on the evidence they find to solve the crime.

Emergency Vet Tech: (Ages 9-11)

Cost: $215/4-day camp. Does your child LOVE animals? Does he or she dream of becoming a veterinarian? Sign them up! This camp will give campers the inside scoop on the exciting field of Veterinary Medicine. Hands-on projects and lessons will give campers the opportunity to learn what veterinary medicine is all about and some basic skills all veterinarians need. Campers will meet practitioners in the field and learn what they love most about their career and what it takes to succeed! They’ll also perform multiple fascinating dissections including a sheep heart, owl pellet and crayfish. Each camper will receive their very own veterinarian kit! Sample Topics include: Animal Health and Nutrition; First Aid, Clinical Procedures, Diseases and Parasites, Cancer research in animals; Emergency Conditions and Diseases and Preparation for a Career in Veterinary Medicine.

Experience the Cosmos: (Ages 7-10)

Cost: $250/5-day camp.Do you have a young rocket scientist in your family? Join us as we race across the Milky Way with twenty hands-on projects and a virtual planetarium game to explore the universe. Experiment with screaming balloon rockets, build a sun dial, construct a telescope and launch an airburst rocket! Using computer simulation, discover how planets look, how solar systems are balanced and easily disturbed, try out different planet sizes and examine the effects of gravity. What happens if you make two galaxies collide or if your asteroid crashes into Earth? Model our solar system and create a glow in the dark Saturn, use solar glasses and design a UV bracelet! Campers learn about astronomy: stars, planets, galaxies, and about astrophysics: how all these heavenly bodies work. Combining technology and fun activities, your child will be talking about this camp for a long time!

Extreme Phenomena (Ages 8-11)

Cost: $215/4-day camp. Join us in our quest as we track down the wild natural phenomena that occurs in our world: avalanches, earthquakes, torrential rains, volcanos and tsunamis! Discover how avalanche engineering in Peru and earthquake engineering in Haiti help solve potential disasters through hands-on engineering design challenges based on real events. Create a model mountain and avalanche protection system, construct a working seismograph and earthquake proof structures, build and erupt a model volcano, design a tornado, test wind force, motion, and pressure, and lots more. In this camp you will learn about these remarkable events, how they happen, and the science and engineering that helps prevent disasters.

Forensic CSI: (Ages 11-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp, plus $15 Lab Fee. As advanced forensic scientists, our CSI campers delve into and attempt to solve a real murder case dating back to 1842! They gather and analyze evidence, use luminal and UV light to detect the presence of blood when the crime scene has been “cleaned”, complete a blood splatter analysis, take crime scene photographs, and complete a drug and poison analysis. To add to the intrigue, CSI campers play out the role of investigators, witnesses and suspects as they work together to solve this crime. Using FACES composite picture software, they recreate their own face or others and discover how Americans Most Wanted uses this same software to generate faces of suspects and victims. Campers will gather insects from a rotting carcass (pork chop) as they learn how CSI’s use their entomology skills to determine time of death. This camp is guaranteed to enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills!

* NEW *Secret Agent: (Ages 7-9)

Cost: $215/4-day camp.Everybody loves a good mystery. But mysteries don’t just happen in books or movies – “Who Dunnit” investigations happen in real life as well. Your young detective will collect evidence and facts to find the culprit of a devious plot. Through hands-on projects, they’ll will learn about forensic science and how detectives and forensic scientists use science and critical thinking to do their job. They will search for clues, collect and analyze evidence, draw reasonable conclusions and leave no stone unturned! In no time at all, they’ll be thinking like a detective. Projects include: spy decoder and missions, maze obstacle course, footprints, invisible ink, DNA, special agent badges and disguises, fingerprinting, and lots more!

* NEW *Ultimate Escape Room: (Ages 11-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. Can’t get enough of mysteries, twists and turns, problems to solve, and Who Dunnits? Join us for the ULTIMATE Escape Room camp! These unique games are a thrilling way to encourage critical thinking and collaboration! Campers must use their team spirit, creativity, and powers of deduction to crack codes, solve puzzles, collect objects, and earn their freedom bit by bit. Modeled after the increasingly popular “Escape Rooms” in which players join forces to solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints, and strategy to escape from a locked room.

Young Marine Biologist: (Ages 7-9)

Cost: $215/4-day camp.When you picture a marine biologist, what comes to mind? Do you think about studying manatees, octopus, turtles, plants, and algae, training dolphins and whales, or the habitats and conservation of marine life and the health of the ocean? Marine biologists work in many places: in or on the ocean, salt water marshes, the beach, on a submersible vessel, or in a laboratory examining tiny creatures under a microscope. Dive into our hands-on ocean adventure as we explore these many facets of marine biology! Learn about sea mammals and the cleverness of an octopus, race a squid, make your own “fish print”, examine tiny life under the microscope, explore why penguins wear those little tuxedos! Learn about ocean zones, waves, tides, currents, oil spills, the glowing animals of the deep ocean, how to preserve habitats and how humans harness the power of the ocean.

Young Surgeon (Ages 10-12)

Cost: $215/4-day camp. Campers learn about the life of physicians and surgeons, and are exposed to life saving techniques first aid techniques. Numerous hands-on projects include using medical instruments, triage and diagnosis, and giving injections. We will explore the structures and physiology of the amazing human body, Projects include: Sheep heart and frog dissections, making herbal medicines, learning to stitch a wound, first aid techniques and splinting and more. In addition: Each camper will receive a stethoscope and first aid supplies and take their “Medical Boards” at the end of the week to receive their certificate.

STEAM / Art / Special Effects

* NEW *Imagineering (Ages 9-12)

Cost: $215/4-day camp. What is Imagineering? Designing, tinkering, building, programming and IMAGINING what could be! With DIY design projects and creative construction materials like Lego WeDo2™ and KEVA, this camp encourages girls and boys to design creative solutions to hands-on challenges, reimagine how things work, build and construct 3D models, learn coding, and apply real-world concepts in art, physics, engineering and architecture. Campers will craft with lights, fabric and wire, design a rover for animal rescue missions, invent a hazard alarm or machine to clean up the plastic debris in the ocean, challenge bots to a Sumo wrestling competition, erect sculptures, buildings and bridges, build a Batmobile Tumbler and discover conductivity & circuitry with MaKey MaKey. There is no limit to the innovative ideas and solutions that kids can generate…design thinking at its finest!

* NEW *Magical and Mystical (Harry Potter) (Ages 9-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. The legend lives on! Let your imagination run wild, from hippogriffs, dragons, house elves, basilisk, and owls, to sorting hats, dementors, potions, spells…and all things magical, come join us for the time of your life! Search for Horcruxes throughout the week, team up for our Harry Potter Trivia Game, and design a broom. Paint Hogwarts castle, sculpt Dobby or Kreacher house elf, draw mythical creatures, make a Marauder’s map, brew up Butter Beer, create your own wand and Death Eater’s mask, Patronus, chocolate frogs, and lots, lots more! Bring your favorite HP book(s) to camp to freshen up on spells, characters, and discuss analogies to the muggle world today. So much magic to do in only one week!

Manga Maker Comics (Ages 11-14)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. Make your own high quality comics and manga using ComiPo manga software! Users can easily create their own unique stories and situations by choosing and posing one of the 3D characters! Throughout the week, you will also unplug and practice real world manga drawing techniques and look at real examples of Japanese manga. Create stories full of action and suspense by building a story arc with a beginning, middle, and end. Explore narrative elements, such as point of view, character expressions, and environments. Once you have learned the basics, you will have the opportunity to expand your creativity level and teamwork skills by developing a group comic series. With over 100 unique body poses and facial expressions to choose from, along with many background images, items, sound effects, word balloons… you have everything needed to make a visually impressive and professional looking comic come to life. You will learn about: • Developing a story line • Posing 3D character models and camera angles • Drawing manga characters • Creating Background Images • Using Comic Marks and Sound Effects • Customizing Your 3D Character • Working as a team to develop ideas and create a group comic.

Special Effects & Movie Making(Ages 9-12)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. Campers learn the science behind Hollywood’s special effects and movie making. Learn various special effects make-up techniques working with the same materials used by professional make-up artists. These will simulate cuts, bruises, artificial blood, and old age. Activities will demonstrate concepts related to light, sound, perception, illusion, theatrical make-up and model building. One of the great features of this camp is that all campers will create (and take home!) a movie using techniques in Claymation and Stop-Motion Animation. Lessons include plot development, storyboarding, set building, filming, and sound effects. Is there a future movie director living in your house? This is a camp your child won’t want to miss! They will take home their very own special effects kit! Please have your moviemaker bring a 4G Flash Drive to camp to save their movie.

* NEW *Star Wars Galactic (Ages 6-9)

Cost: $250/5-day camp. Join us for a Star Wars adventure! Let your imagination run wild as you create a model of BB-8, sculpt a wise Yoda, design an R2-D2 tote bag, and build a light saber. Team up to play our Star Wars Trivia Game, Zentangle the legendary Darth Vader, create your own space creatures, make alien slime, construct a Death Star, and even join the Rebellion effort with new Rogue One projects such as painting AT-ACT combat walkers and drawing K-2SO the galactic empire security droid. Come dressed as your favorite character on the last day of camp! So many projects and so much fun in only 1 week!

** Age ranges below are intended as a guide. If your child is not within the age range for a camp you are interested in, please contact us to learn more. **

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