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COVID-19 Safety Procedures

As we welcome campers and staff back to camp in 2021, safety is our top priority. Our comprehensive COVID-19 plan is designed to protect Terrific Scientific campers, families and staff in an on-site environment that minimizes risk and maximizes fun.  We will continue to adapt our practices to align with local mandates as they are updated.

Camper Cohorts:

  • Campers are grouped in stable cohorts of no more than 10 campers
  • Each cohort is supervised by one or two consistent staff members that don’t interact with other cohorts
  • Cohorts stay separate from other cohorts both indoors and outdoors
  • Sharing of supplies will be limited as much as possible; any supplies shared within cohorts will be limited to a consistent pod of four campers and disinfected daily

Safety Training:

  • Staff and families receive training regarding safety guidelines and expectations at camp
  • Signage will be displayed throughout the camp facility regarding safety measures and reminders for healthy hygiene habits.

Camper and Staff Screening:

  • Campers and staff complete daily health screenings before being admitted to camp
  • Campers and staff that present with symptoms of infectious illness during the day will be sent home and asked to consult with their healthcare provider to determine if COVID-19 testing is recommended

Masking and Distancing:

  • All campers and staff wear masks when at camp (except when eating or drinking); we provide extra masks for staff and campers as needed
  • All individuals at camp maintain a minimum of six feet of social distance between them, except to provide developmentally appropriate support or supervision (for example, a staffer applying first aid, helping a young camper open a snack, etc.)

Contact Reduction:

  • Staggered camper drop-off and pick-up locations
  • Campers bring their own snacks and lunch to camp
  • Extended camp care, full camp morning meeting and in person Family Day activities have been suspended

Handwashing and Sanitation:

  • Campers and staff practice frequent handwashing and hand sanitizing (before and after snack and lunch, between activities, before and after using the restroom, after sneezing, etc.)
  • We sanitize high-touch surfaces for indoor and outdoor classrooms between each activity
  • When supplies must be used by multiple cohorts, they will be disinfected between each cohort’s use

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