Camp Grades 1-3

Art Adventures
$10 multi-session AND $10 multi-sibling discounts

Hours of Camp:  9:00 am-3:45 pm
Campers must bring water, snack, and lunch.

Children attending 1st grade in the 2021-22 school year may attend camps in the Grades K-1 and Grades 1-3 age group.

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British International School
Coding & Game Design
ArcadeCAMP Scratch 7/26-30
Intro to Programming: Scratch 7/19-23
Minecraft 3D Adventures 7/12-16
Minecraft 3D Supreme 7/19-23, 7/26-30 & 8/2-6
Robocoding 7/12-16
Robotics & Engineering
Future Robot Creator 7/12-16
Future Robot Maker 7/26-30
LEGO Imagineer 8/2-6
Space Engineer 7/19-23
Young Robot Builder 8/2-6
Can You Dig It? 7/19-23
Experience the Cosmos 7/12-16
Future Medical Specialist 8/2-6
Future Physician 7/19-23
Young Marine Biologist 7/12-16
Young Scientist 7/26-30
Pirate Adventures 7/26-30
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Coding & Game Design


ArcadeCAMP Scratch: (Grades 3-6)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. This is the camp to take for those that want their creativity to run wild using Scratch! Campers will be introduced to game development and programming, create games based on classics such as Whac-a-Mole, Pong, Frogger, Snake or Tetris, and use what they learn to create their own computer games! Participation in Intro to Programming: Scratch is recommended but not required to register for this camp.


Intro to Programming: Scratch: (Grades 2-5)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. Campers discover the basics of programing while creating with Scratch. They’ll think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically to program a character (sprite) to walk, speak, play music, or interact with other sprites. Using colorful drag and drop code blocks they’ll learn computer science concepts such as sequences, loops, conditions, variables, and functions while creating animated stories, artwork, and even a virtual pet! They’ll also build and play a variety of games, like Hide and Seek, racing games and even Pacman! Campers will bring their games home on a flash drive to share with family and friends.

Minecraft 3D Adventures: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. No experience needed! Think Minecraft is just a video game? Think again. Create, explore, and put your problem-solving skills to the test. Let’s pretend you’re alone in a mysterious new world, full of hidden dangers. You have only minutes to find food and shelter before darkness falls and the monsters come looking for you. What do you do? What we teach you might just save your life! Learn how to find resources; make a shelter; craft tools, armor, and weapons, and protect yourself from monsters. Campers also create their own adventure map as design, production, and test playing guide them. There are two modes of the game. The scenario above describes the survival mode. There is also a creative mode where there are no monsters and you will be able to fly around and have unlimited resources to build amazing creations and buildings. What kind of adventure you choose will be up to you! Come and learn the basics, as well as advanced techniques and new strategies for this great game!

Campers learn how to work as a team as they take on the real-world jobs of game designer, artist, and architect; creating, exploring, and putting their problem-solving skills to the test.

Minecraft account is NOT needed for this camp as we have licenses ready for camp use. If campers wish to use their own Minecraft account, they must bring their login credentials with them. Our camp uses Minecraft Java edition which is different from Minecraft (Bedrock) played on Xbox, Ipad, etc. or downloaded from the Microsoft Store. To purchase your own Minecraft: Java account (OPTIONAL), use this link: . ($26.95).

Minecraft 3D Supreme: (Grades 3-8)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. This camp is for campers who have a strong understanding of the Minecraft fundamentals. Campers will experience all of Minecraft’s end-game content from exploring End Cities to find Elytra wings and protecting villages from raids, to building Beacons after defeating a challenging boss. These parts of the game are more challenging to reach and play and are recommended for experienced players looking to get more out of their usual Minecraft playthrough to become a Minecraft champion!

Minecraft account is NOT needed for this camp as we have licenses ready for camp use.

If campers wish to use their own Minecraft account, they must bring their login credentials with them. Our camp uses Minecraft Java edition which is different from Minecraft (Bedrock) played on Xbox, Ipad, etc. or downloaded from the Microsoft Store. To purchase your own Minecraft: Java account (OPTIONAL), use this link: . ($26.95).

7/19-23, 7/26-30 & 8/2-6
* NEW * Robocoding: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. A better name for this camp might be “Adventures of Dash and Ozy”. Meet Dash, Dot and Ozy – smart robots that enable campers to experience a whole different way to connect the physical and digital worlds. Using games with animation and stories, campers learn basic programming and common robotics concepts. Using visual drag and drop programming and color codes, campers will hone their problem solving skills and program the bots with light, sound, sensors, and movement. Campers will explore their creativity, engage in design challenges, solve mazes and go bowling! These little robots pack lots of learning and fun into one short week.


Robotics & Engineering


* NEW * Future Robot Creator: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. Entry-level robotics and programming. Entry-level robotics and programming. Campers get a head start on simple robotics using LEGO® Education WeDo™ components and easy to use software. Our young creators will build models, attach sensors and motors, and configure behaviors using a simple programming tool. Counselors guide and encourage exploration and trial and error field-testing. Instead of simply “snapping bricks together,” campers are encouraged to think critically about how their robot design can be changed and to understand more complicated engineering techniques such as gear use, pulleys, and inclined planes. Robot models include a variety of animals, soccer players, amazing mechanisms, and adventure stories. When ready, campers move to advanced building and programming projects that include: a Racecar, Ferris wheel, or Carousel. As the week draws to a close, campers may even utilize the skills they have learned to build an X-wing fighter or Marine helicopter. Campers can take Future Robot Creator and  Future Robot Maker in any order…different projects and programs!


* NEW * Future Robot Maker: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. Entry-level robotics and programming.  Robotic mechanisms are increasingly becoming part of our lives. Robots, smart houses, internet of things, robotized factories and usual things with automatic smart functions, are all common occurrences to today’s children. This camp introduces campers to the hardware and software secrets of creating robots. Using LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0™ components and easy to use software, campers will learn how to build robots with walking mechanisms, convert rotational motion into translational motion, increase force with levers, gears and belt drives, work with motion and tilt sensors and of course animate their robots by creating fascinating programs using a simple programming tool. Each activity starts with a problem that campers solve using new knowledge, skills, teamwork and creativity. Counselors guide and encourage exploration and trial and error field-testing. The path for our Future Robot Makers starts here! Campers can take Future Robot Creator and  Future Robot Maker in any order…different projects and programs!


Lego Imagineer: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. What makes this camp fun? Building, designing, programming, inventing and imagining what could be! Using LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0™ components, campers kick up their engineering skills to the next level as they apply engineering concepts and programming skills learned in Future Robot Creator to create solutions to real-world concerns. After a brief introduction to sensors, new software and programming tools via Milo the Science Robot, your young Imagineer will build robots to clean oceans, improve recycling, prevent flooding, perform rescue operations, explore space and more. They will investigate, design, build and modify prototypes, program and test them and collaborate with other campers throughout the week. There is no limit to the innovative ideas and solutions that kids can generate…design thinking at its finest! It is recommended, but not required for campers to attend either Future Robot Creator or Future Robot Maker prior to participating in this camp.

Space Engineer: (Grades 2-4)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. Using LEGO® bricks, campers will design and build structures and space vehicles for living on far away planets. Campers will utilize a variety of LEGO® bricks including motors, gears, lights, and sensors. They’ll learn about the Earth, Moon, stars, and planets as well as topics such as force, friction, simple machines, and gravity. Projects include: a rotating satellite, space buggy, a stunning spaceship, a droid and a host of other exciting projects. Campers will build and launch two Estes Rockets as they learn about the physics of space travel. This is a camp your child won’t want to miss!

Young Robot Builder: (Grades 2-4)

Cost: $275/5-day camp, plus $45 Lab Fee. This camp is an introduction into the world of robotics. Campers will be introduced to six simple machines that are incorporated into more complex machines. They’ll learn about circuits and power sources as they build our “Mars-like” radio-controlled RC Rover, capable of performing 23 experiments and activities. Campers will also have fun constructing our Super Solar Recycler Robots which include a Walking Robot, Bottle Yacht, Street Roller, Flying Bird, Drummer and CD-Racer! This camp is packed with engineering concepts, fun and excitement! Campers will take home the robots they build for hours of fun after the camp week has finished!




Can You Dig It? (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. Have you ever dreamed of discovering a dinosaur bone or fossils in rock? Or perhaps you’d like to be the one to unearth a human artifact of a lost civilization. If so, you would make a good paleontologist or archaeologist. Come dig in the dirt with us and learn the difference! Go on our archaeological dig, crack open a Geode, find dinosaur bones and fossils, pan for gems and minerals, make sand painted medallions, learn about mummies and Egyptian pyramids, sort and classify arrowheads, shells, and animal tracks. Lots to take home and lots to talk about as you learn the secrets that our earth holds.

Experience the Cosmos (Grades 2-5)

Cost: $275/5-day camp.Do you have a young rocket scientist in your family? Join us as we race across the Milky Way with twenty hands-on projects and a virtual planetarium game to explore the universe. Experiment with screaming balloon rockets, build a sun dial, construct a telescope and launch an airburst rocket! Using computer simulation, discover how planets look, how solar systems are balanced and easily disturbed, try out different planet sizes and examine the effects of gravity. What happens if you make two galaxies collide or if your asteroid crashes into Earth? Model our solar system and create a glow in the dark Saturn, use solar glasses and design a UV bracelet! Campers learn about astronomy: stars, planets, galaxies, and about astrophysics: how all these heavenly bodies work. Combining technology and fun activities, your child will be talking about this camp for a long time!


Future Medical Specialist (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. Is your Future Physician ready to “specialize” in medical fields like Neurology, Gastroenterology, Immunology or Orthopedics? Future Medical Specialist brings more great projects, as young campers delve further into their amazing body systems. Through hands-on projects and experiments they’ll peel back the layers and discover how their complex organs work, learn about disease, test for germs and the learn role of mucus in fighting back; and follow the process of digestion, from spit to….. well, you get the idea. They’ll uncover how the brain works and discover how bones and muscles are like cookies and tortillas. Campers will create a map of their body and build a variety of models to take home! Future Physician is NOT required to take Future Specialist.


Future Physician: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. Make NO bones about it; this camp is for the aspiring “Future Physician”. If your child enjoys checking out the cool gadgets and models in the pediatrician’s office, this camp is for them! Campers will learn that their bodies are a furnace, a filter, AND a fancy computer! They’ll perform hands-on experiments as they learn about brains, taste buds, blood, muscles and bones, check heart rates and listen to their lungs with their very own stethoscope. Campers will extract DNA and learn about genetics, test for germs, and build a variety of creative models to take home. Your Future Physician will really have a pulse on the human body with this camp!


Young Marine Biologist: (Grades 2-4)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. When you picture a marine biologist, what comes to mind? Do you think about studying manatees, octopus, turtles, and plants, training dolphins and whales, or the habitats and conservation of marine life and the health of the ocean? Marine biologists work in many places: in or on the ocean, salt water marshes, the beach, on a submersible vessel, or in a laboratory examining tiny creatures under a microscope. Dive into our hands-on ocean adventure as we explore these many facets of marine biology! Campers will learn about sea mammals, dissect a squid, explore the importance of blubber and tag ‘fish’! They’ll learn about ocean zones, waves, tides, and currents. They’ll clean up oil spills, build and launch their own submarine and more, all in just one week!


Young Scientist: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. Does your child enjoy performing hands-on experiments and learning how things work? Then Young Scientist is for them! This camp covers a broad range of fun and exciting science topics such as: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Lab Process Skills. Sample Projects include a Grow–Beast Experiment, Wacky Window Paint, Super Bouncing Balls, Cosmic Rocket, Wurmz and Dirt, Diving Submarines and more! All activities meet or exceed the National Science Standards. Fun and excitement is fostered by great lessons and active involvement.



* NEW * Pirate Adventures: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $275/5-day camp. Ahoy Matey! So, ye Lads and Lassies want t’ be like a pirate aye? Well then…sign ‘er up quick! We will spend the week training yer young sprogs in the way of piracy, drawing, map making, sculpting, and learnin’ pirate lingo. We’ll explore the crystal blue oceans and learn pirate survival skills to avoid the hazards of a pirate life in search of long lost treasure. Sample Projects: The Ocean Zone, Map Making, Knot Tying, Shark Survey, Orienteering and Scurvy. Part art, part science, all pirate shenanigans! Come get yer swagger on an’ share some o’ yer favorite piratical ramblin’s with yer mates!


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