Camp Grades 1-3

Art Adventures
$10 multi-session AND $10 sibling discounts

Hours of Camp:  9:00 am-3:45 pm
Campers must bring water, snack, and lunch.

Children attending 1st grade in the 2024-25 school year may attend camps in the Grades K-1 and Grades 1-3 age group.

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Terrific Scientific! - Camps
Antioch Elementary School British International School
Coding & Game Design
ArcadeCAMP (*) 7/15-19
Coding & Game Design (*) 6/24-27 7/22-26
Minecraft 3D Adventures 6/17-20 7/8-12
Minecraft 3D Supreme (*) 6/24-27 7/15-19, 7/29-8/2
Robotics & Engineering
Future Robot Creator 6/17-20
LEGO Engineer 7/8-12
LEGOmania 7/29-8/2
Space Engineer 7/22-26
Young Robot Builder (*) 6/24-27 7/15-19
Science & STEAM
Can You Dig It? 6/24-27
Experience the Cosmos (*) 7/29-8/2
Future CSI 7/8-12
Future Innovator (*) 6/17-20 7/29-8/2
Future Physician 6/17-20 7/15-19
Future Wildlife Biologist 7/29-8/2
Mini Chef 6/17-20
Sea Adventures 7/15-19
Secret Agent (*) 7/22-26
Stop Motion Explosion (*) 7/8-12
Superhero Science 6/24-27 7/22-26
Young Marine Biologist (*) 7/8-12
Young Scientist 7/22-26
(*) These camps are listed in both the Gr. 1-3 and 4-7 age groups. Please see camp descriptions for specific grade recommendations.
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Coding & Game Design


ArcadeCAMP: (Grades 2-5)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Unleash your creativity and explore the world of game development with Scratch! Campers will dive into the exciting world of programming and game development, create games based on classics such as Pong, Frogger, Snake, or Tetris, and use those skills to bring their own game ideas to life. This camp is designed to inspire creativity and curiosity in computer science. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with programming, this camp is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the world of coding or game development. Participation in Coding & Game Design is recommended but not required to register for this camp.


Coding & Game Design: (Grades 2-5)

Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. Campers discover the basics of programming with Scratch and Dash robots. Campers will think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically to program a character (sprite) to walk, speak, play music, or interact with other sprites. Using colorful drag-and-drop code blocks they’ll learn computer science concepts such as sequences, loops, conditions, variables, and functions while creating animated stories, artwork, and even a virtual pet! They’ll also build and play a variety of games, like Hide and Seek and Pong and dance the Hokey Pokey! Campers will bring their games home on a flash drive to share with family and friends and continue to improve their creations at home. This camp is perfect for campers who love to create and want to explore the world of coding.

6/24-27, 7/22-26
Minecraft 3D Adventures: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. No experience needed! Minecraft is not just a simple video game. It offers a unique experience where you can create, explore, and challenge your problem-solving skills. Imagine being dropped into a mysterious new world full of hidden dangers where you must find food and shelter within minutes before the monsters come out at night. In Survival Mode, you will learn how to gather resources, build a shelter, and craft weapons to protect yourself. In Creative Mode, there are no monsters and unlimited resources, allowing you to build and create to your heart’s content. Campers work as a team, taking on roles such as game designer, artist, and architect to create their own adventure map. Whether it’s surviving or creating, the choice of adventure is yours to make. Brace yourself for a memorable experience in the excitement-filled realm of Minecraft.

Minecraft account is NOT needed for this camp as we have licenses ready for camp use. If campers wish to use their own Minecraft account, they must bring their login credentials with them. Our camp uses Minecraft Java edition which is different from Minecraft (Bedrock) played on Xbox, Ipad, etc. or downloaded from the Microsoft Store. To purchase your own Minecraft: Java account (OPTIONAL), use this link: . ($29.99).

6/17-20, 7/8-12
Minecraft 3D Supreme: (Grades 3-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. This camp is for campers who have experience with the Minecraft fundamentals. Campers will experience all of Minecraft’s end-game content from exploring End Cities to find Elytra wings and protecting villages from raids, to building Beacons after defeating a challenging boss. These parts of the game are more challenging to reach and play and are recommended for experienced players looking to get more out of their usual Minecraft playthrough to become a Minecraft champion! 

Minecraft account is NOT needed for this camp as we have licenses ready for camp use. If campers wish to use their own Minecraft account, they must bring their login credentials with them. Our camp uses Minecraft Java edition which is different from Minecraft (Bedrock) played on Xbox, Ipad, etc. or downloaded from the Microsoft Store. To purchase your own Minecraft: Java account (OPTIONAL), use this link: . ($29.99).

6/24-27, 7/15-19, 7/29-8/2

Robotics & Engineering


Future Robot Creator: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $280/4-day camp. In this entry-level robotics and programming camp, campers will use LEGO® Education WeDo™ components and easy-to-use software to create simple robots. They’ll build cool models, add sensors and motors, and program their robot’s behavior. Our counselors will guide and encourage them as they experiment and test their designs. Campers will learn about exciting engineering techniques and build robots in the shape of animals, soccer players, and even create their own adventure stories. As they progress, they’ll move on to more advanced projects like building a racecar, Ferris wheel, or carousel, and even an X-wing fighter or Marine helicopter. Get ready for a fun-filled week of robot building!


Lego Engineer: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. What makes this camp fun? Building, designing, programming, inventing and imagining what could be! Using LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0™ components, campers will level up their engineering skills as they create solutions to real-word concerns. After a brief introduction to sensors, new software and programming tools via Milo the Science Robot, campers will build robots to clean oceans, improve recycling, prevent flooding, perform rescue operations, explore space and more. They’ll investigate, design, build and modify prototypes, program and test them and collaborate with other campers throughout the week. There is no limit to the innovative ideas and solutions that kids can generate – it’s design thinking at its finest! It is recommended, but not required for campers to attend Future Robot Creator prior to participating in this camp.

LEGOmania: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Get ready for a fun-filled week of robot building! In this entry-level robotics and programming camp, campers will use LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0™ components and easy-to-use software to create a variety robots. They’ll start by building cool models using sensors and motors and program their robot’s behavior. Our counselors will guide and encourage them as they experiment and test their designs. In addition, campers will engage in free form building challenges and Lego games. They’ll learn about exciting engineering techniques and have a blast building robots that will amaze them. Join us for a fun-filled week of robot building and engineering! Campers can take our Lego camps in any order…different projects and programs!


Space Engineer: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Get ready for a blast of fun! Campers will build and code out-of-this-world structures and space vehicles using a variety of Using LEGO® bricks, including motors, gears, lights, and sensors. They’ll learn about the Earth, Moon, stars, and planets as well as topics such as force, friction, simple machines, and gravity. Campers begin by building and programming a rotating satellite, space buggy, spaceship, droid and other exciting projects. They’ll also join a rescue operation to save the Hubble Space Telescope, explore the starry sky, and build and launch an Estes model rocket as they learn about the physics of space travel. Don’t miss this opportunity for your child to have a blast while learning about space!!

Young Robot Builder: (Grades 2-4)

Cost: $395/5-day camp :: $325/4-day camp. Join us for a week of robot building and discovery! Campers will learn the mechanics of how robotic machines work and move, and explore six simple machines that are incorporated into more complex machines. They’ll build and experiment with a “Mars-like” RC Rover, capable of performing 23 experiments and activities. They’ll also design electrical circuits using unexpected items and explore the science behind it. Plus, campers will have fun constructing their own Super Solar Recycler Robot to take home for hours of fun after camp ends. This camp is packed with engineering concepts, fun and excitement! Price includes a $45 lab fee.

6/24-27, 7/15-19

Science & STEAM


Can You Dig It? (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $280/4-day camp. Get ready to dig into the past and uncover the secrets of the earth! Your budding paleontologists and archaeologists will learn about volcanoes, the layers of the earth, and the formation of stalagmites and stalactites. They’ll get hands-on experience with an archaeological dig, cracking open a geode, building a T-Rex model, panning for gems and minerals, and even painting like an ancient artist. They’ll also explore the fascinating world of mummies and Egyptian pyramids. With so much to see, do, and learn, they’ll leave the camp with a wealth of knowledge and cool treasures to show family and friends.

Experience the Cosmos (Grades 2-4)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Join us for an out-of-this-world adventure! Designed for young space enthusiasts, our camp offers a hands-on journey across the Milky Way with a variety of projects and experiments that will spark their curiosity and imagination. Campers will build a sundial, construct a telescope, and launch a water rocket while learning about the stars, planets, and galaxies that make up our universe. They will also experiment with screaming balloon rockets, create a glow-in-the-dark Saturn, use solar glasses and design a UV bracelet. Campers will also design space gloves to protect astronauts and investigate the terrain of a distant planet using a periscope. Other exciting topics include comets, black holes, constellations, moon craters, and Mars rocks. With a focus on STEM education and hands-on learning, this camp is sure to inspire the next generation of space explorers.


Future CSI: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Unlock the mysteries of forensic science! Campers will step into the shoes of real-life detectives as they solve exciting and engaging crimes such as the mysteries of the Rogue Rodent and Missing Money. From the discovery of the crime to analyzing the evidence, campers will participate in every step of the investigation process. Using real-world techniques and equipment, campers will process mock crime scenes and follow the clues to solve the crime. They’ll learn how biology, chemistry, and physics play a major role in forensic investigations through hands-on activities such as collecting, documenting, and analyzing evidence including soil, powder, lip print, fiber, DNA, chromatography, shoe prints, and more!


Future Innovator (Grades 3-5)

Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. Unleash your child’s creativity and curiosity! This camp is designed to provide young explorers with a hands-on learning experience that combines science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Each day, campers will discover something new through a variety of exciting projects and experiments that will challenge them to think outside the box. Campers will learn about different STEAM-related careers and the cool things that these professionals do. They will participate in activities such as creating optical illusions and scented sunsets, building a robot out of everyday objects, and whipping up a homemade sports drink. They will also tackle engineering challenges such as an acoustical challenge, shoe design, recycled racer and bubble wand. This camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to explore their passion for STEAM and discover new interests.

6/17-20, 7/29-8/2

Future Physician: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. Step into the world of medicine and become a Future Physician! This exciting camp is perfect for kids who love checking out all the cool gadgets at the doctor’s office. They’ll learn all about how their body works and performs amazing tasks every day. From their furnace-like metabolism to their fancy computer-like brain, they’ll explore it all. With hands-on experiments, they’ll discover the mysteries of their blood, bones, muscles, and even their taste buds. They’ll extract DNA and learn about genetics, test for germs, build creative models to take home and even check heart rates and listen to their lungs with their very own stethoscope. By the end of the camp, they’ll have a pulse on the human body!

6/17-20, 7/15-19

Future Wildlife Biologist: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Welcome future wildlife biologists! Did you know that new types of animals are discovered every year? Join us on an exciting tour of the animal kingdom and investigate the diversity of the planet. Explore different ecosystems from the arctic to the high desert through creative hands-on projects and activities. From learning about spiders and stick bugs to koalas and birds, campers ‘work’ alongside the flora, fauna, wild beasts, and incredible cultures of the Earth as they learn cool facts about mammals, insects, reptiles, and birds, and may even answer the age-old question… why did the chicken cross the road? Get ready for an exciting journey and join us today!


Mini Chef: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $305/4-day camp. Unleash your child’s inner chef! This camp is designed for kids who love to help in the kitchen and explore the exciting world of cooking. Your young chefs will learn some of the basics of cooking, such as prepping, measuring, blending, baking, and following recipes, while creating nutritious and delicious meals and snacks. They’ll discover the science behind cooking, learn safety and skills, and have fun while they taste the fruits of their labor. At the end of the week, campers will take home their recipes to continue their culinary creations. Price includes a $25 lab fee.


Sea Adventures: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Join us for action, adventure and discovery! Campers will set sail into the vast ocean and work together to explore the depths of the sea, with STEM-focused experiments, hands-on design trials, and creative art activities to keep them engaged. Campers will learn about the different ocean zones, the power of waves, and the fascinating world of sharks and other sea creatures. They’ll also develop essential survival skills such as knot-tying and map-making and work together to accomplish challenging tasks like forging catapults and tippy rafts. Along the way, campers will learn about the lives and careers of seafarers of the past. The week concludes with a thrilling treasure hunt and celebration of the spoils of their adventures. Don’t miss out on this journey of discovery and excitement on the seas!


Secret Agent: (Grades 2-5)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Unlock the secrets of double-agents at our spy camp! Campers will dive into a world of mystery and adventure as they work to uncover the identity of a double-crossing mole. With hands-on projects ranging from secret handshakes and code names to decoding secret messages, searching for clues, and participating in missions to navigating a maze obstacle course, campers will learn the tricks of the trade and develop their detective skills. From spy disguises to analyzing forensic evidence, no stone will be left unturned in the search for the ultimate spy.


Stop Motion Explosion: (Grades 2-4)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Bring your child’s imagination to life! This camp offers an exciting and hands-on introduction to the world of stop-motion animation. Campers will learn the process of creating an animation, including model making, storyboarding, voice acting, and directing and special effects like lighting and green screens. They will use a variety of materials and objects for their models such as clay, LEGO, or even paper. Campers will use ZU3D software and webcams to create their films, preview them at the end of camp, and take them home. With a focus on hands-on learning and creativity, this camp is the perfect opportunity for your young movie maker to learn the art and science of stop motion and bring their stories to life. If you’re living with the next Stephen Spielberg, your child won’t want to miss this camp!


*NEW* : Superhero Science (Grades 1-3)
Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. The world of comic books is full of heroes, villains, challenges and triumphs — and the heroes need help! Ready to see just what it takes to be super? Campers answer the call for aid by dissecting superhero skill sets to uncover the science behind superpowers. Using biology, engineering and technology, they’ll fly alongside Superman, sling webs with Spider-Man and recognize the real-life heroes in their lives. Campers also investigate the mechanics of different movements, connecting STEM concepts, like the forces of motion and the influence of gravity, through exercise and movement. For example, what does friction have to do with soccer? Why would a football player need to know about unbalanced forces? Whether their superhero is in a comic book, on the field or at home, campers have fun answering these questions and so much more in this action-packed week.

6/24-27, 7/22-26

Young Marine Biologist: (Grades 3-5)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Dive into the exciting world of marine biology! Campers will discover the wonder and beauty of marine life as they explore the many facets of marine biology. They’ll journey from the tropics to the poles, inspect arctic food webs, simulate coral reef adaptations and survey everything from the great river deltas to the Mariana Trench. They’ll collaborate to bring the California sea otter back from the brink of extinction and track great white sharks across the open ocean, learning and answering important sea-dwelling questions about the variety of the oceans and the differences in ecosystems. Through action-packed activities, campers discover the physical and geological sciences that underpin all ocean life like density, buoyancy, heat transfer, plate tectonics and the water cycle and get hands-on experience dissecting a squid, learn about the threats to manatees and gaining an understanding of fish tagging as an important conservation technique.


Young Scientist: (Grades 1-3)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Discover the magic of science. This camp is designed for kids who love to explore the world of science and learn how things work through hands-on experiments. With exciting projects like growing your own beast, creating bouncing balls and hovercrafts, launching cosmic rockets, building brush bots, and more, campers will be fully immersed in the fun and excitement of science. They’ll journey through branches of science such as chemistry, biology, and physics and learn valuable lab skills like creating a hypothesis, record keeping, measuring and lab safety. They’ll also get the chance to put the scientific method into action.


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