Camp Grades 4-7

Art Adventures
$10 multi-session AND $10 sibling discounts

Hours of Camp:  9:00 am-3:45 pm
Campers must bring water, snack, and lunch.

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Antioch Elementary School British International School
Coding & Game Design
ArcadeCAMP (*) 7/15-19
Coding & Game Design (*) 6/24-27 7/22-26
JavaScript Programming 7/8-12
Minecraft 3D Supreme (*) 6/24-27 7/15-19, 7/29-8/2
RPG Game Maker 7/29-8/2
SPORE + Alien Crafts 6/24-27 7/15-19
Ultimate Minecraft Modding 7/22-26
Video Game Factory 6/17-20
Robotics & Engineering
3D Printing 6/24-27 7/15-19
Quadcopter Aerial Robotics 7/22-26
Robots, Gadgets & Gizmos 7/29-8/2
Young Robot Builder (*) 6/24-27 7/15-19
Science & STEAM
Experience the Cosmos (*) 7/29-8/2
Forensic CSI 7/29-8/2
Future Innovator (*) 6/17-20 7/15-19
Kitchen Chemistry Chaos 6/24-27
Secret Agent (*) 7/22-26
Special Effects & Movie Making 7/22-26
Stop Motion Explosion (*) 7/8-12
Surgeon's Apprentice 7/8-12
Survivor Science 6/17-20 7/8-12
Vet Ventures 7/15-19
Young Marine Biologist (*) 7/8-12
(*) Camps indicated with an asterisk (*) are listed in both the Gr. 1-3 and 4-7 age groups. Please see camp descriptions for specific grade requirements.

** All campers in the indicated grade range will be in the same camp. Grade ranges are intended as a guide. If your child is not within the grade range for a camp you are interested in, please contact us to learn more. **

Terrific Scientific! - Camps
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Coding & Game Design


ArcadeCAMP: (Grades 2-5)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Unleash your creativity and explore the world of game development with Scratch! Campers will dive into the exciting world of programming and game development, create games based on classics such as Pong, Frogger, Snake, or Tetris, and use those skills to bring their own game ideas to life. This camp is designed to inspire creativity and curiosity in computer science. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with programming, this camp is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the world of coding or game development. Participation in Coding & Game Design is recommended but not required to register for this camp.


Coding & Game Design: (Gr. 2-5)

Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. Campers discover the basics of programming with Scratch and Dash robots. Campers will think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically to program a character (sprite) to walk, speak, play music, or interact with other sprites. Using colorful drag-and-drop code blocks they’ll learn computer science concepts such as sequences, loops, conditions, variables, and functions while creating animated stories, artwork, and even a virtual pet! They’ll also build and play a variety of games, like Hide and Seek and Pong and dance the Hokey Pokey! Campers will bring their games home on a flash drive to share with family and friends and continue to improve their creations at home. This camp is perfect for campers who love to create and want to explore the world of coding

6/24-27, 7/22-26

JavaScript Programming (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Unleash your creativity and gain confidence in coding with our JavaScript camp! In this camp, counselors direct and guide campers through a self-paced video coding platform to teach the basics of programming. Campers will learn core programming concepts like functions, arguments, variables, and objects while they create videos, games, graphics, animation, filters, and even their own “meme”. With a focus on creativity and problem-solving, this camp is an exciting and fun way to learn programming skills that can be applied across disciplines.


Minecraft 3D Supreme: (Grades 3-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. This camp is for campers who have experience with the Minecraft fundamentals. Campers will experience all of Minecraft’s end-game content from exploring End Cities to find Elytra wings and protecting villages from raids, to building Beacons after defeating a challenging boss. These parts of the game are more challenging to reach and play and are recommended for experienced players looking to get more out of their usual Minecraft playthrough to become a Minecraft champion! 

Minecraft account is NOT needed for this camp as we have licenses ready for camp use. If campers wish to use their own Minecraft account, they must bring their login credentials with them. Our camp uses Minecraft Java edition which is different from Minecraft (Bedrock) played on Xbox, Ipad, etc. or downloaded from the Microsoft Store. To purchase your own Minecraft: Java account (OPTIONAL), use this link: . ($29.99).

6/24-27, 7/15-19, 7/29-8/2

RPG Game Maker (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. This camp promises to be an exciting adventure for aspiring game developers and RPG enthusiasts. RPG Game Maker, campers will learn how to create their own epic role-playing games in the classic 2D game style, similar to games like Pokemon, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest. They will develop characters and dialogue, create playable zones and maps, and implement enemy encounters, all while learning the history and basics of RPG game development. Using RPG Maker VXAce, campers will have access to a drag-and-drop interface, a library of characters, and built-in tools for creating custom items and weapons. At the end of the camp, campers will have the opportunity to export their game to a portable EXE file that can be shared with friends and family or even online.


Ultimate Minecraft Modding: (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp.(NOT for Minecraft beginners, Campers should be experienced with Minecraft and have an interest in coding.) This camp is the perfect blend of fun and education, where campers learn to code games within the Minecraft environment using Java. With the help of a specially designed code editor, campers will learn to build their own Minecraft mods using both drag-and-drop and text-based programming. The camp is designed to challenge campers to progress from basic to advanced programming concepts, including algorithms, data types, variables, and loops, providing a strong foundation in real-world programming skills. The campers will have a great time sharing their mods with their friends, both inside and outside of the camp while exploring their creativity through real computing. This is a unique opportunity for children to learn valuable programming skills while having fun with Minecraft.

All campers ARE REQUIRED to have a Minecraft™ account for this camp. Our camp uses Minecraft Java edition which is different from Minecraft (Bedrock) played on Xbox, Ipad, etc., or downloaded from the Microsoft Store. To purchase a Minecraft: Java account, use this link: . ($29.99). Campers must check in on the first day with their login credentials for Minecraft to ensure a streamlined learning experience.


Video Game Factory (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $280/4-day camp. This is the camp for those who want their creativity to run wild and create a video game that others want to play. Terrific Scientific uses Fusion 2.5 from Clickteam to teach campers how to build two-dimensional video games. This software provides an easy-to-use game-authoring environment that allows campers to create many types of computer games, screen savers, and other applications. They learn to create moving backgrounds, add scores and lives, design instructions and titles, and create waves of enemies and transition screens while building a variety of games such as space shooter, maze and platform games. Campers will take the games home at the end of the week to share with family and friends.


Robotics & Engineering


3D Printing (Grades 5-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. Campers learn how to use a 3D printer and a 3D Doodler pen to make fun and unique structures and objects. They will learn skills like prototyping and CAD development and will have the opportunity to create their own designs, render them in 3D, and “print” them using a 3D printer. The campers will also learn about engineering concepts and create objects by drawing in the air using the 3D Doodler pen, either freestyle or with templates. The camp is interactive and designed to teach campers how to optimize designs and create three-dimensional objects of any shape. Throughout the week, they will also learn about the history of 3D printing and how it is used in real-life science and technology applications.

6/24-27, 7/15-19

Quadcopter Aerial Robotics: (Grades 5-7)

Cost: $395/5-day camp. Unlock the world of aerial robotics with our drone camp! Campers will explore the exciting technology of drones through hands-on scenarios and challenges. From understanding the science of flight to building and flying their own drone, campers will gain valuable experience in aviation and interactive robotics training. They will participate in activities to design, build and test their drone, carry a payload, and design and implement a delivery system. These activities are designed to teach the basics of engineering and aviation through drone flight and provide campers with the skills they need to stay ahead of the curve in the world of drones. Join us for an exciting camp that provides campers with the skills they need to soar in the world of drones! Campers will take home their drone at the end of the week! Price includes $45 Lab Fee.


Robots, Gadgets & Gizmos: (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $395/5-day camp.  Unlock the world of technology and engineering with our hands-on camp! Campers will have a blast building circuits, learning the science of electricity, and soldering a blinky robot. They’ll discover the wonders of electromagnetism while building the world’s simplest motor and engineer cool gadgets and games from everyday objects. They’ll also learn unconventional ways to power a battery and build and race an air-powered racer. This camp is perfect for campers who love to build, create, and discover how things work. Join us for a week of hands-on fun and take home everything you build! Price includes $45 Lab Fee.


Young Robot Builder: (Grades 2-4)

Cost: $395/5-day camp :: $325/4-day camp. Join us for a week of robot building and discovery! Campers will learn the mechanics of how robotic machines work and move, and explore six simple machines that are incorporated into more complex machines. They’ll build and experiment with a “Mars-like” RC Rover, capable of performing 23 experiments and activities. They’ll also design electrical circuits using unexpected items and explore the science behind it. Plus, campers will have fun constructing their own Super Solar Recycler Robot to take home for hours of fun after camp ends. This camp is packed with engineering concepts, fun and excitement! Price includes $45 Lab Fee.

6/24-27, 7/15-19

Science & STEAM


Experience the Cosmos: (Grades 2-4)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Join us for an out-of-this-world adventure! Designed for young space enthusiasts, our camp offers a hands-on journey across the Milky Way with a variety of projects and experiments that will spark their curiosity and imagination. Campers will build a sundial, construct a telescope, and launch a water rocket while learning about the stars, planets, and galaxies that make up our universe. They will also experiment with screaming balloon rockets, create a glow-in-the-dark Saturn, use solar glasses and design a UV bracelet. Campers will also design space gloves to protect astronauts and investigate the terrain of a distant planet using a periscope. Other exciting topics include comets, black holes, constellations, moon craters, and Mars rocks. With a focus on STEM education and hands-on learning, this camp is sure to inspire the next generation of space explorers.


Forensic CSI (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Unlock the secrets of the criminal mind and delve into the exciting world of forensic science! Campers will become crime scene investigators and forensics specialists, working together to gather, examine, and analyze evidence to solve mysteries and murders. They’ll play the roles of investigators, witnesses, and suspects as they work together to crack the cases. Using real forensic techniques such as chromatography, toxicology, bite mark analysis, hair and fiber analysis, blood typing, fingerprints, DNA analysis and white powder analysis, campers will learn the science behind forensic investigations. They’ll use luminal and UV light to detect the presence of blood and complete blood splatter analyses, and use software used by America’s Most Wanted to recreate the faces of suspects and victims, putting their observation skills to the test. With hands-on activities and real-world scenarios, this camp is the perfect opportunity for campers to learn about forensic science and develop their problem-solving and teamwork skills.


Future Innovator (Grades 3-5)

Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. Unleash your child’s creativity and curiosity! This camp is designed to provide young explorers with a hands-on learning experience that combines science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Each day, campers will discover something new through a variety of exciting projects and experiments that will challenge them to think outside the box. Campers will learn about different STEAM-related careers and the cool things that these professionals do. They will participate in activities such as creating optical illusions and scented sunsets, building a robot out of everyday objects, and whipping up a homemade sports drink. They will also tackle engineering challenges such as an acoustical challenge, shoe design, recycled racer and bubble wand. This camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to explore their passion for STEAM and discover new interests.

6/17-20, 7/29-8/2

Kitchen Chemistry Chaos (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $310/4-day camp. This camp is perfect for any child who loves to eat and wants to learn to cook! Activities and experiments allow aspiring chefs to explore the science behind cooking and try different foods, while learning cooking basics. Chefs will prep ingredients, follow a recipe, and discover changes in food properties! Sample recipes include: Chocolate pudding, color changing lemonade, Brazilian cheese bread, pizza pockets, fluffy marshmallows and more! Campers eat the food they prepare and bring home a recipe booklet at the end of the week. Price includes $30 Lab Fee.


Secret Agent (Grades 2-5)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Everybody loves a good mystery. Your young detective will collect evidence and facts to find the culprit of a devious plot. Through hands-on projects, they’ll will learn about forensic science and how detectives and forensic scientists use science and critical thinking to do their job. They will search for clues, collect and analyze evidence, draw reasonable conclusions and leave no stone unturned! In no time at all, they’ll be thinking like a detective. Projects include: spy decoder and missions, maze obstacle course, footprints, invisible ink, DNA, special agent badges and disguises, fingerprinting, and lots more!


Special Effects & Movie Making (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Campers learn the science behind Hollywood’s special effects and movie making and techniques used by professional make-up artists to simulate cuts, bruises, artificial blood, and old age. Activities will demonstrate concepts related to light, sound, perception, and illusion. Campers will create (and take home!) a movie made using stop-motion animation techniques. Lessons include plot development, storyboarding, set building, filming, and sound effects. Is there a future movie maker in your house? This is a camp your child won’t want to miss! Each camper will take home their very own special effects makeup kit!


* NEW * SPORE + Alien Crafts (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. Discover the wonders of SPORE, a real-time life simulation, digital science game, where you as the player create and nurture your own alien species. From microscopic to macrocosmic life, mold your species through five stages of life: Cell Stage, Creature Stage, Tribal Stage, Civilization Stage, and Space Stage. The fate of your creatures lies in your hands as your actions in each stage will affect the conditions of the next. A secret to the game: Happiness matters! Cooperative actions will form strong allyships while fighting triggers conflict. Learn how cultures develop by interacting with foreign civilizations while developing your own. How will you navigate YOUR galactic adventure? Projects to add to the fun: Let your imagination run wild as you venture into other worlds make a Che-F droid, design a Zentangle Spaceship, draw and paint the Phylorm Villain, and sculpt a Saskwan Fighter. So much fantasy to enjoy and aliens to take home!

6/24-27, 7/15-19

Stop Motion Explosion (Grades 2-4)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Bring your child’s imagination to life! This camp offers an exciting and hands-on introduction to the world of stop-motion animation. Campers will learn the process of creating an animation, including model making, storyboarding, voice acting, and directing and special effects like lighting and green screens. They will use a variety of materials and objects for their models such as clay, LEGO, or even paper. Campers will use ZU3D software and webcams to create their films, preview them at the end of camp, and take them home. With a focus on hands-on learning and creativity, this camp is the perfect opportunity for your young movie maker to learn the art and science of stop motion and bring their stories to life. If you’re living with the next Stephen Spielberg, your child won’t want to miss this camp!


Surgeon's Apprentice (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Enter the world of medicine and unlock the mysteries of the human body with this camp for aspiring surgeons and biomedical engineers! Campers will delve into the core knowledge needed by surgeons, including anatomy, immunology, pathology, wound healing, and more. Through hands-on activities such as dissecting a frog from head to toe, creating models, and practicing first aid techniques, campers will gain a deeper understanding of the human body and how it works. They will learn about the microbiology of viruses and how to prevent or stop their spread. In addition, campers will explore the technology used by biomedical engineers and then design solutions such as helmets and knee braces to prevent or address health problems. At the end of the week, each camper will receive a stethoscope and first aid supplies and take their “Medical Boards” to receive their certificate. This camp is the perfect opportunity for campers who are intrigued by the medical field.


* NEW * Survivor Science (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp :: $280/4-day camp. Lightning strikes, dead car batteries and losing your map — emergencies can happen at any time! While the odds of being stranded are pretty low, knowing what to do in an emergency is important. As survivalists, students learn exactly what to do through this team-based study of real-world survival skills. Campers use ingenuity to gain crucial skills such as knot tying, water purification and compass navigation. They’ll design, build and use a solar cooker. With each activity, campers problem-solve, putting their new skills to the test to conquer everything Mother Nature throws their way. Campers will round out their days with traditional STEAM filled summer camp activities that’ll make you think back to your own days at camp.

6/17-20, 7/8-12

Vet Ventures: (Grades 4-7)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. This camp is perfect for any child who loves animals and wants to learn more about becoming a vet or animal rescuer. They’ll get a hands-on look at the exciting field of veterinary medicine and animal science through fun projects and activities. They’ll learn about DNA and view cells under a microscope, and even perform dissections on a sheep heart, owl pellet, and crayfish. They’ll also learn about animal health and nutrition, clinical procedures, basic first aid, and emergency conditions like broken bones and bloat. But that’s not all, campers will use their creativity and skill to design and test devices to help animals like a life vest for a dog, a prosthetic leg for an elephant, a beak for an eagle, and a tail for a fish. Don’t miss out! Sign up today!


Young Marine Biologist: (Grades 3-5)

Cost: $350/5-day camp. Dive into the exciting world of marine biology! Campers will discover the wonder and beauty of marine life as they explore the many facets of marine biology. They’ll journey from the tropics to the poles, inspect arctic food webs, simulate coral reef adaptations and survey everything from the great river deltas to the Mariana Trench. They’ll collaborate to bring the California sea otter back from the brink of extinction and track great white sharks across the open ocean, learning and answering important sea-dwelling questions about the variety of the oceans and the differences in ecosystems. Through action-packed activities, campers discover the physical and geological sciences that underpin all ocean life like density, buoyancy, heat transfer, plate tectonics and the water cycle and get hands-on experience dissecting a squid, learn about the threats to manatees and gaining an understanding of fish tagging as an important conservation technique.


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